This website is an ongoing collection of notes, research and links related to The NPC of Prague, an experimental VR project currently being developed by Cinema & Media Arts PhD candidate, David Han.

The name of the project is taken from the 1913 film “The Student of Prague” by Paul Wegener & Stellan Rye.

Project Overview

The NPC of Prague is an experimental VR experience currently in development that explores how a VR player attributes consciousness to a non-player character based on character movement within a virtual environment.

Set up as a VR game for two players, The NPC of Prague places both human players within a virtual environment populated by a number of NPCs. Players are tasked with the goal of identifying the other human player before being identified themselves.

During gameplay, the movement of the human players is recorded and is blended with some simple AI behavior to dynamically generate the movement of the NPCs. This form of player mirroring imbues the NPCs with a sense of consciousness, increasing the difficulty of determining which character is an NPC and which is the other human player.

Please visit this page (or click on the “Project Updates” in the main menu) for regular updates on the project’s progress.